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About us

Gille advokater DA is a small, modern, niche firm of specialists.

We understand that the law is a tool to help you in achieving your goals. Our expertise will help you get to where you want to be quickly and securely.

You can read more aobut our expert fields in the menu to the left.

In areas that fall outside our specialist expertise, we cooperate with other experts.


Why the name Gille?

Easy to spell, easy to remember.

Gille was the "lovseigemann" (quoter of law) under the viking king St. Olav, early in the 11th century. The "Lovseigemenn" were the lawyers of the Viking Age who brought cases before the assembly.
Gille could have difficult days:

"Tord L├ąge picked up the pick-axe lying nearby and hit from above, right into the brains. Then lots of people came pouring out of Trond's cottage. Karl was carried away dead from there. [...]. Gille sued for the murder, and monetary fines came to nothing."
(Source: St. Olav saga, the sagas of norse viking kings by Snorre)

We are happy to assist in resolving smaller problems as well.




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