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Gille new member of INTA - International trademark association

We have joined the International Trademark Association - INTA

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Changes in the Norwegian top level domain policy

Changes in the Norwegian Top Level Domain Policy: The limit on the number of domains per organization will be raised from 20 to 100

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Norway's first Master in Free Software

Gille lawyer teaches on Norway's first Master in Free Software

The new Master program is the first free software-Master in Norway. After completing three years of IT education, students can now begin a two-year study of Free Software.

The two-year Master courses include "Free software", "Management of free software" and "Development of free software, which accounts for ten points each. These are taken respectively HIT in Bø, UIA in Kristiansand and Grimstad, through both distance learning and collections. The courses combined with courses that provide students with a technology or management-oriented Master's degree.

The legal part of friprog-master will be taught by Kristian Foss, a lawyer and partner in Gille. Foss is specialized in IT law, including free software, intellectual property and contract law. He has previously held several lectures in the subject and advises the National Centre for Free Software.

Friprog program designed in cooperation between the UIA, HIT, IKT Grenland Digin and Friprogsenteret. Completed education provides students with a master's degree as the abbreviated is called an industry-oriented "friprogmaster".

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